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THE BORDERLINE, THE NARCISSIST AND YOU: Learning to Let Go of Caretaking


If you’re an emotional Caretaker in relationship with a borderline or narcissist, this course is for you.


In this relationship, do you feel….

Anxious and depressed Guilty but don’t know why

Always trying to be perfect Taken advantage of

Confused about what is true Resentful and frustrated

Unappreciated Put down and devalued

Emotional and physical pain Hopeless and helpless


Course topics include:

How borderlines and narcissists use Caretakers

A test for Caretaker involvement levels

Learning the emotional, thought and behavior distortions that keep Caretakers stuck

Information on the defective relationship habits of borderlines and narcissists

Learning how you get caught in the Drama Triangle and how to get out

The costs of being a Caretaker

Stages of healing

Building confidence and setting boundaries

Assertion skills to use with borderlines and narcissists

Specific examples and exercises to practice with the BP/NP

Caring for your own needs and wants

Moving forward to a better life for yourself


Based on the book, Stop Caretaking the Borderline or Narcissist: How to Get Out of the Drama and Get on With Life by Margalis Fjelstad, Ph.D., LMFT


Includes:  7 sessions–all with audio power point slides

Downloadable workbook of exercises.

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