About Me

Margalis Fjelstad, Ph.D., LMFT

As a licensed marriage and family therapy for many years, I have specialized in working with clients who have a borderline or narcissistic parent or spouse. I have also been a long-time Adjunct Faculty member with Regis University in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and at California State University in Sacramento, California, as well as the former Director and Intern Supervisor for Threshold Educational and Counseling Services.

I have worked for many years with clients who grew up with a mentally ill parent and those who take on a caretaking role with a borderline or narcissistic family member. I now do phone consultations with callers from all over the country who have questions about a current or former relationship with someone who has BPD or NPD.

For many years, I conducted Caretaker Recovery groups to help people let go of their caretaking habits and move forward in their lives. The information from those groups and a workbook designed for the groups are now available on-line at Caretaker.digitalchalk.com.


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